Husqvarna Crown Commitment Program: Get a Money-Back Guarantee on Your Chainsaw

Husqvarna Crown Commitment Program: Get a Money-Back Guarantee on Your Chainsaw

Husqvarna’s overall goal is to help you find a machine that works well. After all, you’re going to be spending hours with your chainsaw, working in an intense environment. You have a tough job to do, and the Husqvarna Crown Commitment Program is here to make it easier.

What is the Husqvarna Crown Commitment Program?

This program is designed to make sure that users can find their ideal chainsaws. If they buy a Husqvarna chainsaw, only to realize that they’re not completely satisfied, they have an easy solution: returning the chainsaw for a complete refund or an exchange for a different chainsaw.

Thanks to this program, users have a window of seven days, during which they can make their decisions. And yes, users can return a chainsaw that they have previously utilized, provided that they’re still in the seven-day purchase window.

Which models fall under the Husqvarna Crown Commitment Program?

If you own any of the following models, you can take advantage of the program. They include:

  • Pole saws;
  • 300 Series chainsaws;
  • 500 Series chainsaws;
  • Battery saws;
  • T540 chainsaws; and
  • T435 chainsaws

To ensure that your chainsaw is included among the ranks, consult your Husqvarna dealer before or after purchasing.

What are the limitations of the Crown Commitment Program?

The Husqvarna Crown Commitment Program has a few limitations. Customers cannot return or exchange chainsaws with the following deficiencies:

  • Suffering from excessive damage;
  • Destroyed by acts of nature;
  • That cost excessive amounts (over a margin of 75 percent of the product’s value) to repair;
  • Ruined by user neglect or error;
  • Without proper proof of purchase; and
  • Acquired through the internet.


Buying a chainsaw is usually only the first step in your yard care plans. With the Husqvarna Crown Commitment Program, you can avoid potential problems and walk away with a machine that does the job right.

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