The Benefits of Battery-Powered Husqvarna Equipment

The Benefits of Battery-Powered Husqvarna Equipment

When you’re working a tough job, you need tools that can stay powered up throughout the process. After all, the equipment you use can drastically impact the end result. Need a bit of guidance as you pick out what you need? Check out the benefits of battery-powered Husqvarna equipment.

Easier Operation

Carrying a heavy piece of equipment around can impair your performance. Lucky for you, battery-powered Husqvarna equipment is lighter, making for easier operation over time. That means less strain on your body—and it can also help prevent potential stress injuries, provided you’re safely and correctly operating your power equipment.

No More Refueling

Another one of the benefits of battery-powered Husqvarna equipment is that you can ditch the refueling process. All you have to do is charge it as needed. That also means you’ll save on fuel costs—and you’ll save a whole lot of time, too.

Forget the Fumes

It’s OK to admit it: heavy fumes don’t just smell toxic—they also make it harder to breathe. When you use battery-powered Husqvarna equipment, you can say farewell to fumes!

A Quieter Performance

Ever woken up on a peaceful Saturday morning to someone revving up his or her power equipment? You’re not alone. Loud noises are distracting—for you and the neighbors! Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. Enjoy a quieter—but still powerful performance—when you have battery-powered equipment.

Lower Vibration

Strong vibrations can make even the best piece of power equipment feel unruly. Battery-powered equipment tends to emit lower vibrations, making it a great choice.

Doing Your Part to Help the Environment

We release emissions by driving cars, using electricity, and flying in planes. We also give off emissions when we use fuel-powered tools. Battery-powered equipment helps us lessen emissions—and have a better carbon footprint.

It’s Part of a Legacy

All Husqvarna equipment is part of a legacy—battery-powered and fuel-powered alike. No matter which piece of equipment you choose, you can rest easy—and work hard—knowing that you’re using tools from a quality company.


The benefits of battery-powered Husqvarna equipment are almost too many to count. Well, the equipment we offer is just as varied. Whether you need a trimmer, chainsaw, leaf blower, or more, we’re happy to help you out at Leakesville Small Engines!

Leakesville Small Engines is proud to serve Leakesville and the surrounding community for its power equipment, small engines and auto parts needs. Come see us today on Main Street in Leakesville, or visit us at!

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