8 Ways to Winterize Your Lawn Mower

8 Ways to Winterize Your Lawn Mower

Your mower has been your trusty companion throughout the warmer months. Though it goes into retirement in the winter, you should always prepare it to last throughout the cold season. Before you put it away, remember to carry out these ways to winterize your lawnmower.

Deal with Your Filters

Your filters will need some TLC! Either clean or replace them—whichever is appropriate. This includes both fuel and air filters!

Remember a Replacement Spark Plug

While you’re working on ways to winterize your lawn mower, remember to replace your spark plug. You should also spray a small amount of oil within the cylinder, tugging on the recoil once that’s done. Then, you can replace the plug.

Eschew the Fuel

Keeping fuel in the tank can ruin your mower. Not only should you safely dispose of all fuel, but you should briefly—and safely—turn on your mower to get rid of the tiny drops that are left. Don’t forget to disconnect and properly empty the fuel lines.

Replace the Oil

You’ve dealt with the fuel. Now, it’s time for an oil change. Properly recycle the oil at an appropriate auto store when you’re finished.

Bye-Bye Battery

This one goes for lawn tractors! Don’t forget to safely take out your tractor’s battery. You should also take the time to clean it properly. Finally, store it safely. You have to keep it somewhere that has a fairly low temperature—to avoid it catching fire—and keep it in a dry place.

Get Cleaning

You can’t forget to clean your mower! If it’s even a bit dirty now, it certainly won’t look better after the winter! Plus, make sure you clean the deck as well.

Safely Sharpen Blades

Safely sharpen your mower blades—and balance them too. Never done it before? Need some help? Don’t worry! Your local lawnmower supplier may offer sharpening services, so all you’ll have to do is drop off your mower!

Smartly Store Your Mower

The place that you store your mower can mean the difference between and easy winter and a harsh one. Your mower will best benefit from being stored in a covered space, covered in a sheet or tarp.


The chill of the cold means an end to growing grass—and to mowing. It also means that you should remember to try out these ways to winterize your lawnmower. That way, when spring and summer return, your mower will be ready for duty!

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