Introducing Husqvarna’s Autonomous Operation for Large Area Maintenance

Introducing Husqvarna’s Autonomous Operation for Large Area Maintenance

When you use Husqvarna equipment, you’re a part of a big team. Manufacturers, engineers, and machines—they all make marvelous mowing possible. However, did you know that there’s another big team member involved? EPOS, or Earth Parameter and Orbit System, satellites help improve Husqvarna’s autonomous operation for large area maintenance. In fact, here’s just how they can level up your lawn care game.

How does it work?

Ever wonder the amount of work that goes behind keeping the outdoor airport space clean and clear? For one thing, you need accurate mowers! After all, with all those planes flying around, a misplaced machine can be a huge danger.

That’s why engineers have worked so hard to improve Husqvarna’s autonomous operation for large area maintenance. Using a satellite EPOS system to determine location and mowing parameters will allow Husqvarna mowers to trim the proper areas—and stay out of dangerous ones. In other words, it means users can program where their mowers work. Plus, the accuracy is as precise as two to three centimeters within the targeted goal.

The EPOS system can also stop collisions from happening too! With this new technology, human error may just become a thing of the past—or at least when it comes to mowing large-scale properties.

Where can I get one of these new high-tech autonomous mowers?

As of now, tests are still ongoing. Still, if estimates remain on-target, you could get one of these cool mowers in 2021!

Currently, tests have involved the Husqvarna hybrid Rider lawn mowers, which are autonomous. Though you cannot pick one of them up at your local store, you can always try the Husqvarna Automower, which will get the job done with ease. Select Automowers also use GPS technology too!


With the help of Husqvarna’s autonomous operation for large area maintenance, you can improve your mowing—and take on larger scale projects. Whether you have acres of land, a commercial property to take care of, or you run a lawn care empire, Husqvarna can make the job easier.

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