Your Yearlong Guide to Seasonal Lawn Care

Your Yearlong Guide to Seasonal Lawn Care

Lawn care aficionados know that their yards change with the seasons. Well, so do their outdoor chore lists! Whether you’re a new homeowner or checking off your to-do list, this yearlong guide to seasonal lawn care can help you get the job done.


The year begins in January, so let’s start with winter! Though it may be chilly outside, making your lawn less likely to grow like it does in the warmer months, your yard still needs a bit of TLC. This is the perfect time for you to do tasks like:

  • Using fungicide on your lawn once the season nears its end;
  • Making a plan for gardening and planting, as well as a budget for that year’s lawncare;
  • Beginning to plant applicable flower, fruit, or vegetable seeds in your garden;
  • Sharpening your mower blades; and
  • Clearing walkways of snow, ice, and debris.


Spring is a time of renewal—especially for your plants. Make sure you follow this part of the yearlong guide to seasonal lawn care. During this season, you should start:

  • Cleaning up your yard, getting rid of debris, rocks, and anything that could jam up your mower;
  • Watering your lawn, as needed—and following local watering ordinances;
  • Planting applicable seeds and, if necessary, overseeding your lawn;
  • Mowing—provided grass is growing;
  • Considering aerating the dirt; and
  • Removing weeds.


Whew, the summer months are hot! They also mean that your lawn is going to need some in-depth maintenance, like:

  • Sharpening your mower blades;
  • Routing mowing, trimming, and edging;
  • Watering plants, gardens, and the lawn itself;
  • Eliminating sources of standing water (they’ll draw in mosquitoes);
  • Mulching using grass clippings;
  • Keeping the yard clean and clear of any debris, mulch, or hazards to your mower blades; and
  • Using products like grub control, pesticides, and fertilizers—but do so safely, separately, and only when necessary.


In the autumn, don’t let yourself “fall” behind on your lawn care. There’s still plenty to do like:

  • Using a leaf blower to clear your lawn and walkways;
  • Trimming trees;
  • Making arrangements for storing your equipment in the winter, such as cleaning out your shed or garage;
  • Dethatching; and
  • Adding fertilizer to your lawn right before the winter.


Thanks to our guide to seasonal lawn care, you have a simple plan for the coming year. Now, the big question is: do you have all the equipment that you need to carry everything out? Visit us at Leakesville Small Engines!

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