7 Benefits of Using a Leaf Blower

7 Benefits of Using a Leaf Blower

Leave the rake and broom behind. The leaf blower is the way to go—and not just during the fall. The benefits of using a leaf blower extend well beyond the foliage-full seasons, and leaf blowers may surprise you in their utility.

Less muscle, more rustle.

Rakes and brooms require a good deal of physical effort to corral wayward vegetation. Your body will feel the toll by yardwork’s end. Leaf blowers wrangle leaves efficiently—and leave your lawn pristine and muscles more at ease.

Shorter task time.

Leaf blowers cut chore time in half. Hours with a broom or rake turn into minutes with a high-powered leaf blower by your side.

Improved reach.

The way they’re designed, leaf blowers can extend your reach. Hard to get places with piled up leaves are no longer an issue—one of the many benefits of using a leaf blower around your yard and home.

More than leaves, lawn care.

Leaf blowers collect and remove more than leaves: debris of all types fall victim to its power. From sticks and twigs to unruly thatch, leaf blowers take care of it. Debris is no match for this machine in lawn maintenance.

Cleans hard-to-reach places.

Cleaning gutters can turn into a real hassle, real fast. A handy leaf blower simplifies the process wonderfully. With the proper attachments equipped, a leaf blower leaves your gutters virtually debris-free!

A wintertime wonder.

The benefits of using a leaf blower go beyond seasonal staples; leaf blowers help out in the wintertime too. They are effective tools for blowing away snowfall on walkways and vehicles. Beat back snow buildup with a blower!

Lawn caretaker.

Leaf blowers are known for their lawn care usefulness. However, their utility offers more than meets the eye. Unsightly stumps full of debris can be easily cleaned by using a leaf blower as a vacuum, sucking up shavings and scraps in a flash.


Leaf blowers offers more than their name suggests. Get more out of your lawn maintenance with a high-powered, high-performance leaf blower from Husqvarna. Quality-ensured, Husqvarna leaf blowers are built for homeowners and professional landscapers, alike.

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