Month: March 2020

Product Spotlight: Husqvarna’s New Z400 Series Commercial Mowers

With landscaping, productivity leads to more profits. Landscapers know this. As a result, they look for professional grade equipment to add to their arsenal. Husqvarna’s new Z400 Series commercial mowers are built to meet professionals’ goals—and exceed expectations. Top Features Husqvarna’s new Z400 Series commercial mowers will earn your stamp of approval. From easy startup […]

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7 Native Plants for Gardens in the South

Planting season starts early! After all, your seeds need time to germinate and grow. So, the main question is: what are you putting into the soil? If you’re still unsure, we have a few suggestions, and they all involve regional plants. Why? Well, native plants aren’t just pretty. They also have one big advantage in […]

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