7 Native Plants for Gardens in the South

7 Native Plants for Gardens in the South

Planting season starts early! After all, your seeds need time to germinate and grow. So, the main question is: what are you putting into the soil? If you’re still unsure, we have a few suggestions, and they all involve regional plants. Why? Well, native plants aren’t just pretty. They also have one big advantage in common: the fact that they’ve all evolved to thrive in your local environment. This year, consider picking out these native plants for gardens in the South.

Bee Balm

Support your local pollinators with a bit of bee balm! Even hummingbirds will love these fantastic flowers.

Pitcher Plants

Did you know that Venus fly traps are native to the United States? Well, they also have a carnivorous cousin from the South: pitcher plants! If you want some small-scale, natural pest control or just a cool curiosity, these plants will make an amazing addition to your garden.


Blueberry cobbler, blueberry pie, blueberry pancakes—you can make so many delicious dishes with homegrown blueberries. And if you’re feeling peckish, you can always just wash and eat fresh blueberries too!

Helen’s Flower

Perennials like the warm-hued Helen’s Flower can return, year after year. That means you can get used to their splendor for many seasons!

False Indigo

False indigo is truly beautiful! These purple perennials will make your garden stand out among the rest.

Woodland Phlox

These little flowers may look delicate, but don’t let that fool you. They can survive for years! If you’re looking for a hardy option among are native plants for gardens in the South, we may have found your new favorite.


Searching for a colorful choice? Just the sight of these vibrant, cheery flowers can brighten your day!


Planting a gorgeous garden takes planning! Not only do you have to prepare the seeds ahead of time, but then you actually have to get down in the soil and plant them. And of course, we can’t forget about the day-to-day maintenance too. Still, when you survey your blossoming garden, the hard work will all feel worth it. Plus, trying out these native plants for gardens in the South will help give you a bit of an edge to make everything easier.

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