Product Spotlight: Husqvarna’s New Z400 Series Commercial Mowers

Product Spotlight: Husqvarna’s New Z400 Series Commercial Mowers

With landscaping, productivity leads to more profits. Landscapers know this. As a result, they look for professional grade equipment to add to their arsenal. Husqvarna’s new Z400 Series commercial mowers are built to meet professionals’ goals—and exceed expectations.

Top Features

Husqvarna’s new Z400 Series commercial mowers will earn your stamp of approval. From easy startup to increased fuel efficiency, this lineup of mowers features innovative engineering that boosts performance, raises productivity, and helps bump up your bottom line.

With Husqvarna, you know performance will be a significant part of the equation. For example, the Z400 Series offers reliable startup at the turn of an easy-to-reach dial. The peak performance and peace of mind this series of mowers brings is second to none.

In addition, these machines boast a range of engine options, kicking mowing mishaps and frequent services to the curb. Less frequent maintenance is also made possible by the Z400 Series’ ingenious, next-generation use of Parker HTE transmission.  The transmission’s cooling technology provides smoother control and periods of acceleration, higher speeds, and keeps fuel costs to a minimum.

While performance is a must, let’s not leave out productivity. Husqvarna’s new Z400 Series commercial mowers are built with an ergonomically-designed deck lifting system that gives landscapers the cutting options they deserve. Precise cutting adjustments can be made comfortably and conveniently, without ever having to leave the seat.

In the Z400 series of mowers, productivity gets an added bonus: comfort. The high back seat and ergonomic levers offer a pleasant ride, day in and day out. These comforts—coupled with the durable chassis and ideal weight balance—provide landscapers superior traction and the utmost confidence in care. For them and the lawn.

The Lineup

Husqvarna’s new Z400 series commercial mowers excel in engineering. All members enjoy ergonomic controls, a professional engine, all-new Parker HTE transmission, and an optimized weight balance. Here’s the full lineup:

Z448, 22-horsepower, 48-inch cutting width;

Z454X, 22-horsepower, 54-inch cutting width;

Z454, 22-horsepower, 54-inch cutting width;

Z460, 23-horsepower, 54-inch cutting width;

Z460X, 23.5-horsepower, 60-inch cutting width.


If you’re a landscaping professional, then the Z400 Series commercial mowers were made with you in mind. When productivity is the name of the game, it’s time to turn to a brand whose products’ performance brought it to fame: Husqvarna.

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