6 Tips for Composting Your Grass Clippings

6 Tips for Composting Your Grass Clippings

For gardeners and others with green thumbs, composting can be a godsend. Home and garden DIYers of all stripes have turned to composting to get the most out of their yards and gardens. And, with the right care, your yard and garden can work to help the other. Let’s look at some tips for composting your grass clippings for a nutrient-rich compost for your yard, garden, or both!

Keep compost damp, not wet or dry.

If compost becomes too dry, this slows down the composting process. However, if the compost sops with moisture, these conditions can cause a manure-like odor to be emitted—more than usual. Stirring up the compost can help keep the moisture level where you want it to be. You can also shield the pile during a downpour to avoid excessive wetness.

Introduce black and brown matter.

Tips for composting your glass clippings don’t just include the clippings. Interspersing dry leaves, old rinds, bark, and other black and brown matter into the compost pile serves it well. It’s also a good idea to have a thick bottom layer with these kinds of materials to improve aeration.

Let your clippings dry.

Leave your clippings out to dry for a couple days before adding them to the compost pile. They may become matted, but you can spread them out once in the pile to moisten them.

Make multiple compost piles.

At different times during the season, the grass clippings you collect may start to outpace your composting. Making multiple compost piles, with different decomposition stages, helps alleviate this issue.

Mix up your compost.

You can help speed up the process by mixing or churning the compost pile every few days. This will also bring in air, which will cut back on the odor.

Be patient.

Depending on your specific needs, it might take some time to make good compost. Dark, earthy compost usually takes three months to produce. But it’ll be worth the wait!


Follow these tips for composting your grass clippings—and you’ll notice a difference. The tools for a lovely lawn or landscape are all there; it just takes a bit of patience, some perseverance, and maybe some handy power equipment!

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