Mulch vs. Pine Straw: The Pros and Cons

Mulch vs. Pine Straw: The Pros and Cons

When the grass is green and the flowers are growing, we can finally make our yards live up to their full potentials. So, the question is—after all the potting, planting, and mowing is done, what else can we do to improve our properties? Well, it can help to add some mulch or pine straw to the bedding in our yards. If you’re still new to the property care game, don’t worry—we have the rundown on mulch vs. pine straw below.

The Pros of Mulch

If you’re considering adding mulch to your lawn, find out more about some of the pros:

  • Mulch is made from shredded wood—and it can come in many varieties, giving you plenty of options;
  • You can add other mulch from your mulching mower, like the Husqvarna HU800AWDH;
  • It comes chockful of nutrients;
  • It can prevent weeds;
  • It lets the water stay in the soil, meaning you don’t have to pull out the hose as frequently;
  • It lasts through wind and rough weather with moving; and
  • It can come in brown, red, or orange.

The Cons of Mulch

Every rose has its thorn! Though mulch can drastically improve your lawn, there are a few little things to remember before you buy. The cons are:

  • It’s the pricier option;
  • It has a strong smell initially, one that disappears; and
  • It will take more time and mulch inventory to properly get the job done.

The Pros of Pine Straw

We’re on to the pros of the second option in this debate of mulch vs. pine straw. Some of the benefits include:

  • It comes with a lower price tag;
  • Its acidic qualities will help flowers and bushes grow;
  • It can withstand strong rain;
  • It acts an insulator throughout the seasons;
  • Mowers can run over it with no issues;
  • Adding it to your yard takes very little time; and
  • It’s lightweight, making it easy to transport.

The Cons of Pine Straw

Pine straw makes a great addition to your lawn. Just consider these small drawbacks before you make your final decision:

  • Weeds may still grow through it;
  • It can potentially blow away or litter the yard; and
  • It requires a bit of upkeep, meaning that you will have to keep adding more pine straw to your beds over time.


In comparing mulch vs. pine straw, one thing is certain: your lawn will look fantastic, no matter what. If you’re thinking of upping your yard care game even further, we can help with that too!

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