Out of Gas: How Husqvarna’s Battery-Powered Mowers Help

Out of Gas: How Husqvarna’s Battery-Powered Mowers Help

The dreaded sound of the stuttering mower usually means one thing: you’re almost out of gas. Filling up your mower’s tank can quickly add up to more than just a few dollars and cents. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s how Husqvarna’s battery-powered mowers help cut down costs—and keep your lawn looking tidy with ease.

They’re powered by battery.

It’s kind of a no-brainer, but Husqvarna’s battery-powered mowers help through its main source of power: batteries. With batteries, gas and other less-than-economical emissions are no longer in the picture. Plus, it’s not only economically-friendly on you: it’s also environmentally-friendly to boot!

Their double battery design.

Outfitted with double battery slots, Husqvarna’s battery-powered mowers keep your motor running longer. This means you can charge one battery as you mow, increasing your total run time. Battery-powered mowers by Husqvarna suit lawns at around one-third to half an acre on their charge time.

They’re unfettered by cords.

With Husqvarna’s battery-powered mowers’ help, you can say sayonara to cords, direct emissions, irritable engine noise, and petrol. The mowers’ powerful battery pack is engineered for optimal charge, giving you access to steady, stable mowing sessions time and again. In fact, the unique design offers reliable charges hundreds of times over.

Their simple push-and-go starts.

Husqvarna’s battery-powered mowers sport an intuitive, handy control panel—rather than a cord. This simplifies starts, with these mowers kicking into gear at the easy push of a trigger.

They’re built with different modes in mind.

Husqvarna’s battery-powered mowers help in different mowing conditions as well. By accessing the control panel, you can keep a mower’s blade spin standard (2900 RPM) or drop spins down to 2700 using economy mode. Conveniently, the mowers will ramp up to 3500 RPM if they encounter heavier grass.

Their intuitive technology.

Already hinted at, Husqvarna’s battery-powered mowers boast best-in-class, intuitive tech. You can control different spin speeds through the top panel, and gauge where your battery life stands. Some models also allow you to set a mowing pace through this panel too. Finally, the unique, three-in-one cutting system offers several cutting options in one compact, maneuverable package.


The ways Husqvarna’s battery-powered mowers help can’t be understated. If you’re looking for a mower that’s ready when you are—no cords attached—these mowers are for you.

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