7 Types of Firewood and What They’re Best For

7 Types of Firewood and What They’re Best For

It can be hard to warm up in the fall and winter. Cold weather often inspires visions of snuggling up by a roaring fireplace or leaning into the hot air from an outdoor fire pit. Still, do you know what kind of firewood you need to use to make these daydreams real? We’ve got a helpful breakdown for you! Check out these 7 types of firewood and what they’re best for this season.


Pine smells delicious! It’s also an effective kind of kindling. Remember though: it can only be burned outside!


Do you have a wood-burning stove? And do you only want to have a fire going for a short amount of time? If so, wood pellets are the perfect choice. Just make sure that you store them properly.


When it comes to types of firewood and what they’re best for, ash is the prototypical old faithful choice. Not only will it give off great heat, but it will create a consistent burn. Put its logs into your fireplace and get ready for some peace.

Wood Bricks

Yes, wood bricks are a thing—and they’re pretty much what they say on the tin! If you want to save a bit of money, they’re known for their efficiency. They’re best for cold environments, since they can give off more heat than other kinds of firewood.


Need an indoor Firestarter? Birch wood is ready for duty!


Sometimes, a small flame is all you need. Cedar provides just that—and it smells great.


If you’re planning to sit by the fire for a while, oak is ideal. You can also add it in with a variety of logs.


Soon, you could be sitting in front of a roaring fire. Remember, though: you should always practice fire safety rules and remain aware of the burning. That way, you can ensure that everyone remains unharmed.

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