Raking Leaves vs. Mulching Leaves: The Pros and Cons

Raking Leaves vs. Mulching Leaves: The Pros and Cons

What’s that all over the ground? More leaves—and the pile is growing by the day! If you want to clear your yard, you have two main options: raking and mowing. Wondering which works best? Let’s weigh the pros and cons of raking leaves vs. mulching leaves.

The Pros of Mulching

We’re all busy—and if your week is all booked up, mulching may be the option for you. It requires less time to complete. It also cuts down on waste, since you’ll be turning the leaves into something useful. Finally, it can help your yard look fantastic with that extra healthy addition to your garden.

The Pros of Raking

Next up in the battle of raking leaves vs. mulching leaves is the benefits of raking. Getting out the mower, actually using it, and then putting it away can be a big event. Getting out a rake, on the other hand, takes just a moment. So, if you’re only dealing with a few leaves, you may be better off raking.

The Cons of Raking

Raking the whole lawn seems to last forever. Why do something so difficult when your mower can cut down on labor and effort? Plus, raking means taking up garbage can space with bags full of leaves. You may even live in a place where leaves require special disposal, which can mean even more work.

The Cons of Mulching

If you don’t properly mulch your leaves—or spread them out evenly—you can end up killing your grass or garden. That’s not exactly a plus! Still, those with experience can navigate this problem fairly easily. Additionally, you may need extra tools, like a mulching attachment or mulching mower to get this task done. However, if you own a helpful Husqvarna mulching mower or a leaf blower mulching attachment, there’s no need to worry at all!


Raking leaves vs. mulching leaves—ultimately, the winner is up to you. If you need some more help with keeping your lawn in tip-top shape, visit us at Leakesville Small Engines!

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