9 Outdoor Tasks to Do When it Gets Colder

9 Outdoor Tasks to Do When it Gets Colder

Fall is finally in the air, and we can feel the difference. No more hot days and nights—cooler weather has prevailed. Of course, that means that the jobs we need to do are changing too! If you need a little nudge filling out your chore schedule, consider taking on these outdoor tasks to do when it gets colder.

Prepare for De-Icing

Down South, winters tend to be more merciful. However, when a cold one finally brings snow, many of us are unprepared. By assembling a little kit with a snow shovel, ice scraper, and rock salt, you can ensure that your outdoor property is ready for the unexpected. And yes, you can add sleds and toboggans to that list too. We should all have some fun every once and awhile!

Get a Head Start on Your Spring Garden

We all love having something to look forward to on the horizon. Give future you a wonderful present by planting your spring garden. This time of year is ideal for putting bulbs in the soil.

Give Your Yard a Final Mow

Grass grows so quickly in the warmer months! Thankfully, it gives us a break as the weather turns colder. Give your yard one final mow this season, ideally cutting the grass down to two inches.

Add in Some Aeration

You’ve trimmed your lawn. Now what? Answer: aerating your yard! Whether you do the job yourself or hire a professional, this task will make enduring chillier weather easier on your grass. Just remember to add some fertilizer once the aeration is complete!

Cover or Store Unused Outdoor Furniture

In the summer, we all love sitting outside with a glass of lemonade or eating grilled hot dogs on the picnic table. The temperature is dropping now—which means handling unused yard furniture is one of the big outdoor tasks to do when it gets colder. Cover it with a tarp, store it safely in the garage or shed, or put it under the deck—just make sure you take precautions.

Deep Clean the Shed or Garage

You may not be using some of your equipment for a few months. Though it may seem counterintuitive to deep clean your shed, this chore actually makes a big difference. Storing your tools in the right conditions can help decrease the dirt, dust, and disrepair of an end-of-the-year retirement.

Clean Your Mowers and Equipment

A tidy shed can only do so much! You should also carefully and safely clean your mowers and equipment, according their manuals. If you need help, you can ask a professional for tips—like us.

Inspect Your Walls and Doors

Heating your house is expensive—especially if the warm air just ends up escaping. Go along your property and inspect your walls or doors, looking for cracks or holes. You should also inspect your shed or garage for any large gaps, wear and tear, or openings in the walls. Otherwise, critters may sneak inside and take over the area.

Make a List of What Needs Replacing

As you do all of these chores, you will probably notice which items and supplies need replacing—including your equipment. Make a list of what you’ll need for next season. Not only will this help you budget better, but it will also give you time to dispose of or sell outdoor items that you won’t be using in 2021.


The chores are all handled, thanks to this list of outdoor tasks to do when it gets colder. So, let’s talk about your equipment! Planning on updating your lawn care fleet for next year? Want to give the yard work afficionado in your life the perfect gift? Or do you just want to plan for future purchases? Visit us at Leakesville Small Engines!

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