4 New Husqvarna Tech Solutions for 2021

4 New Husqvarna Tech Solutions for 2021

The year 2021 means a new start for everyone—and everything. So yes, your property is on the list! Though you may have dealt with lawn care troubles in the past, smooth sailing is on the horizon. Employ these new Husqvarna tech solutions for 2021 to see a marked difference in your yard—and even our planet—this year.

Helpful Fleet Services

You can control your Husqvarna Automower from your smartphone or web browser, with Fleet Services. That’s not all you can do with the interface, though! Fleet Services shows where your mower is, when, and for how long, noting all the work it does. Not only does this feature help you make your mower more efficient, but it can trim your budget too!

Automowers Using EPOS

Do you have a big property that needs mowing? Husqvarna offers two different kinds of Automowers that work with EPOS technology. That means they can skillfully navigate any property, no matter how vast, aided by satellite technology. You can choose between the Husqvarna Automower 550 EPOS and the Husqvarna Automower 550H EPOS. Then, look forward to a well-trimmed lawn—no supervision needed!

Carbon Footprint Counting Technology

Husqvarna is joining in the quest for clean energy! That’s right—the next item up on the list of the new Husqvarna tech solutions for 2021 is a calculator designed to calculate your Husqvarna Automower’s carbon footprint.

Charging with Clean Energy

As you can tell, Husqvarna is serious about joining the quest for clean energy. Keep our planet healthy and happy by charging your Husqvarna Automower in a Solar Solution station. It even has charging capabilities for two, so you can get the most out of your mowers.


A happy lawn. A happy property owner. A happy planet. They’re all possible this upcoming year! If any of these new Husqvarna tech solutions for 2021 call out to you, we have one more bit of good news. You can visit us at Leakesville Small Engines to find the Husqvarna products you need!

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